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APB Vehicle Installations

Communication Services

APB offers a full range of communication handsets, hands free kits and accessories that we can either supply or be fitted by our professionally trained engineers.

We are able to fit and maintain to our professional high standards with our skilled staff members while incorporating a 'no-drill' policy if it's required.

The use of specifically fabricated brackets, custom made consoles and discreet wiring means we are able to provide each one of our clients with an effective system to the complete satisfaction without causing any damage to the vehicle.

We are also able to offer installation services for the following communication equipment:
  • • Radios.
  • • Rugged laptops.
  • • Tablets.
  • • Phone chargers.
  • • Navigation trackers.
  • • Fixed telephones.

We can also supply the equipment specific to our clients needs as we have a wide range of suppliers.